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Creative Solar Energy Options

There is a more efficient way to harness energy than traditional home and business heating! Well-designed solar systems can help you reduce your fuel consumption and increase energy efficiency.


With Fisher Solar LLC, you'll get consultations and designs of solar systems that will increase the efficiency of your home or business. After your system is installed, you'll be treated to first-class service and maintenance. We're proud to offer equipment sales and support that will help you operate more efficiently! Get a FREE walk-through energy audit with a signed solar installation contract.

  • Solar photovoltaic - grid-tie, grid-tie with battery backup, off-grid and direct-use applications

  • Solar hot water - heating domestic water, pools, hot tubs, and low-temperature space heating

  • Solar hot air - space heating

  • Rainwater storage

  • Survival packages

Commercial and residential energy systems

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Get a FREE Walk-Through Energy Audit with a Signed Solar Installation Contract